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Recruitment to the post of Assistant Agriculture   Officer in Class-II  of Group-B of Odisha Agriculture and Food Production Service, under Department of Agriculture   & Farmer's Empowerment.

Online applications are invited from the prospective candidates through the pro  forma application to be made avaIlable on the Websiteof the Commission(_http://opsc.qov';n).   The link  for  registration   /re-    registration  and  payment   of  examination   fee  shall  be available  from  28.01.2022  to  28.02.2022  (Note:  07.03.2022  is  the  last  date  for submission of    Registered  Online Application)  for  recruitment   to  123  (One  Hundred Twenty Three) posts of Assistant Agriculture  Officer in Class-II of Group-B of Odisha Agriculture and Food Production  Service (Methods of Recruitment  and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2018 and Odisha  Agriculture   and  Food  Production  Service  (Method   of  Recruitment   and  Conditions  of Service) Amendment  Rules, 2020,  under Department  of Agriculture  & Farmer's Empowerment,  in the pre-revised   scale of pay of Rs.9,300- 34,800/-  with  Grade pay of Rs.4600/-  (PB-2) or Level 10 of the Pay Matrix  Revised, as per ORSP Rules, 2017, with  usual Dearness and other  Allowances as may be sanctioned  by the Government  of Odisha from  time  to time.  The posts are permanent and likely to continue.

2. Vacancy Position:   As per  requisition  filed  by the Agriculture  &  Farmer's  Empowerment

Department  of Government  of Odisha, the vacancy positions are given below:


a) In  case of  non-availability   of eligible/suitable   Women  candidates  belonging  to the  respective  categories,  the  unfilled  vacancies of that  category  shall  be filled  up  by eligible or suitable male candidate(s)  of the same category.

b) Exchange of reservation  between Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe will not be considered in the non-availability  of eligible and suitable S.c. /S.T. candidates.

c)  The  number  of  vacancies  to  be filled  up on  the  basis of  this  recruitment   is subject  to change by the  Government  without  notice, depending  upon the  exigencies of public service at the discretion  of the State Government.

3.        AGE:       A candidate  must  have attained  the  age of  21(twenty  one)  years and must not be above the age of 38 (thirty   eight)  years as on the 1st  day of January  2021  i.e. he/she must  have  been  born  not  earlier  than  2nd  January  1983  and  not  later  than  1st  January


The  upper  age  limit  prescribed   above  shall  be  relax-able   up  to  05  (five)   years  for candidates  belonging  to the categories  of  Socially and Educationally  Backward Classes (S.E.B.C.), Scheduled  Castes (S.c.),  Scheduled Tribes (S.T.),  Women  & Ex-servicemen  and  10 (Ten)  years for candidates  belonging  to PWD category,  whose permanent disability is 400/0 and more.

PWD candidates  belonging  to SEBC, SC and ST categories  are eligible  for  cumulative  age relaxation  benefit  of 15 (Fifteen) years.

Provided that  a person who comes under more than  one category  mentioned  above shall be  eligible  for  only  one  age  relaxation   benefit  which  shall  be  considered  most  beneficial  to



Date of birth  entered  in the  High School Certificate  or equivalent  certificate  issued by the concerned  Board/Council  will only be accepted by the Commission.


A      candidate       must       possess      a      Bachelor     of      Science      Degree      in

Agriculture/Horticulture    from  any of the  recognized Universities  or Institutions.

5.   EXAMINTION FEE:  A candidate  is required  to  pay a non-refundable   and non-adjustable fee of Rs, 500/-  (Rupees five hundred)  only. Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castel Scheduled Tribe of Odisha only and Persons with  Disabilities (whose  permanent  disability  is 40% and more) are exempted  from  payment  of this fee.

The   candidates  are   required   to   make    Online  payment   of   applicable Examination Fee(s) through OPSCportal  using  Debit  Card/Credit Card /Net   Banking facilities and other  financial instruments enlisted in the Payment Page/Gateway of the Odisha Government Treasury Portal   The fee(s}  paid  shall  neither   be refunded under any circumstances nor can be adjusted or held in reserve for  any other  examination or recruitment.


(a)        The  selection  of  candidates  for  recruitment   to  the  posts  of ASSistant Agriculture

Officer shall be made on the  basis of Written  Test and Interview.

(b)        The detail syllabus for the examination  (Two papers) is at   Annexure-I.

(c)        i. Written   Test:  - It shall  consist  of  two  papers  of  objective  types  (Multiple Choice Questions)  and each  paper  shall be of two  hours  duration  carrying  100 marks each

ii. There shall be negative marking  for wrong  answers with  a deduction  of 0,25

marks for every wrong  answer.

iii. Interview  shall consist of 25 (twenty   five)  marks. 

(d) The  Commission   shall  short-list   the   candidates  to  be  called  for   interview   to  a reasonable number taking  into consideration  the marks secured in the written  test.

(e)    The Commission shall prepare a list of successful candidates  in order of merit on the basis of  written   test  and  interview,  which  shall  be equal  to  the  number  category  wise vacancies advertised.


The  written   examination   for  the  post  of  Assistant  Agriculture   Officers  shall  be  held  at

Cuttack. The programme  of the examination  shall be notified  well in advance.


(i) The candidate  must be a citizen of India;

(ii) The candidate  must be able to read, write  and speak Odia; and have -

(a) passed Middle School examination  with  Odia as a language subject;  or

(b)  passed  Matriculation   or  equivalent   examination   with   Odia  as  medium   of examination  in non-language  subject;  or

(c)  passed  in  Odia  as  language  subject  in  the  final  examination   of  Class -  VII from   a  school  or  educational   institution   recognized  by  the  Government   of Odisha or the Central Government;  or

(d) passed  a test  in Odia  in  Middle  School standard  conducted  by the  School &

Mass  Education  Department   of  Government  of  Odisha/  Board  of  Secondary

Education,  Odisha.

(iii)  A candidate,  who  has more  than  one  spouse  living,  will  not  be eligible  for appointment    unless  the   State  Government   has  exempted   his/her   case  from

operation  of this limitation  for any good and sufficient  reasons:

(iv)Government   servants,   whether   temporary   or  permanent,   are  eligible  to  apply provided  that  they  possess the requisite  qualification  and are within  the prescribed age-limit   as  provided  under  Para-3  & Para-4  of  the  Advertisement.   They  must inform  their  respective Heads of the Office in writing  regarding  submission of their application   for  this  recruitment   and  furnish   "No  Objection  Certificate"   during document  verification.

(v)If  a candidate  has at any time,  been debarred  for  a certain  period/chance(s)   by the  Odisha  Public Service Commission or other  State Public Service Commission or U.P.S.c.  from  appearing  at any examination  /  viva voce test,  he/she  will   not be eligible for such recruitment  for that specified period / chance(s);

(vi)       Only  those  candidates,  who  possess the  requisite  qualifications,      are within  the prescribed   age limit   and fulfill   other eligibility    conditions etc. by the closing date for submission   of registered online application form, will   be considered eligible;

(vii)     Acandidate  who  claims change  in  his/her  name  after  having  passed the  H.S.C. examination,  is required to furnish  copy of publication  of the changed  name in the local  leading  daily  newspaper  as well  as copy  of  notification   in  the  Gazette  in support  of his/her  change of name;

(viii)      Every candidate     selected      for     appointment  shall be examined  by the Medical Board. A   candidate,    who   does   not   satisfy   the   requirement    after   medical examination,  shall not be appointed;


(  Online  applications submitted    to  OPSC, if  found to  be incomplete in any respect, are liable  for  rejection without   entertaining  any correspondence with the  applicants   on that score;

(ii) Admission  to  Examination/   Viva  Voce test   will  be  provisional.     If  on verification    at any stage before or after the Examination it  is found that a candidate     does   not   fulfil     all   the   eligibility       conditions,   his/her candidature  will   be liable   to  rejection.    Decision of  the  Commission in regard to eligibility or otherwise   of candidate shall be final;

(iii) This  advertisement   should  not  be  construed  as  binding  on  the  Government  to make appointment;

(iv) Concessions  meant for S.E.B.C., S.C. & S.T. by Birth are admissible   to the Socially and   Economically  Backward   Classes,  Scheduled   castes   l!~, Scheduled Tribes of Odisha only;

(v)Any  misrepresentation    or  suppression  of  information   by  the   candidate   in  the application   form  will  result  in  cancellation  of  his/her  candidature   or  penalty,  as decided by the Commission shall be imposed on the candidate;


Candidates who will  qualify  in the written  examination  will be required  to bring with them the  hard  copy  of  online  application  form  along  with  copies  of  following   relevant certificates/documents    and  originals  of the  same for  verification   of their  eligibility  as per terms and conditions  of the advertisement,   the  date  of which  shall be notified  later  on in due course, failing  which  his/her  application  will  be rejected for the said post. The candidates  are required to

mention  on  each  copy  of  documents  "Submitted    by m~': and  put  their  full   signature and

date  on the  same. They must  not attach the original certificates to their applications.

(i)  H.S.C.  or  equivalent   certificate   in  support   of  declaration   of  age  issued  by  the concerned  Board/Council.

(ii)  Bachelor  of  Science degree  in  Agriculture/Horticulture     Certificate   issued  by  the recognized  Universities or Institutions;

(iii)  Mark-sheets  of  B.Sc. Agriculture/   B.Se. Horticulture   passed including  fail  marks if any, issued by the concerned  Universities or Institutions;

(v) Two  recent passport  size photographs  (unsigned  and unattested)  with the printout

/  hard  copy  of  online  application  form  which  has  been  uploaded  in  the  online application  forms,

(vi)  Any proof of identity;

(vii)       Caste Certificate by birth  in support  of claim  as SEBCI SCI ST, wherever applicable (Please see Note:  1);

(viii)     Required Odia test pass certificate;

ix) Disability  Certificate  (indicating  percentage of permanent  disability)  issued by the concerned  Medical Board wherever  applicable;

x) Discharge Certificates  of Ex-Serviceman  issued by the Commanding  Officer of the Unit last served. Ex-Servicemen should submit  an affidavit  undertaking  that  he has not  been  appointed  against  any civil  post  after  retirement  from  military  service, wherever  applicable.

xi) Sports Certificate  issued by the Director of Sports Odisha; wherever  applicable.

xii)No Objection  Certificate issued by the competent  authority.

(i)Candidates claiming   to  be belonging to  S.E.B.C/S.C. /S.T.  categories of Odisha by birth  are  required  to submit  copy of the  relevant  Caste Certificate issued by the  competent  authority  in the  prescribed form.  Candidates of  SEBCcategory (other   than  creamy  layer)  must  submit   copy of  caste  certificate  issued  by the Competent  Authority   within    the   last   three   years   by  the   closing   date   for submission of registered online  application form  in the prescribed form;

(ii)   The SESe  certificate  which  is more  than  three  years  old  by the  closing  date  of

submission of registered online  application form  is liable for  rejection;

(iii) Women  candidates belonging to  S.E.B.C/S.C./  S.T. categories are  required   to submit Caste   Certificates  by   birth    showing    "daughter   of               ".   Caste Certificates by virtue  of marriage (i.e. showing  "wife  of                           ") are not acceptable and liable for rejection.


(v) Community (Caste   status)   once   mentioned  by  the   candidates  shall   not   be changed under any circumstances.

The   competent   authorities   are:   -   District    Magistrate/    Collector  or Additional District  Magistrate or Sub-divisional Magistrate/Sub-Collectors or Executive Magistrates or  Revenue Officers, not  below  the  rank  of  Tahasildar

/ Additional Tahasildar of Government of Odisha.

Degree Certificate, Caste Certificate, Odia test  pass certificate,  Discharge Certificate of Ex-servicemen, Sports Person Certificate and Disability Certificate of  Person  with   Disabilities    (indicating  %        of  permanent disability),  etc.  must have  been  issued  by  the  competent  authority  within   the  last  date  fixed  for submission!  receipt  of registered online  application form. 


Applications   of  candidates  will  be  rejected  by  the  Commission  on  any  of  the  following grounds:  -

(a)  Not  possessing the  requisite qualifications,  within   the  prescribed age limit  and fulfilling  other  eligibility  conditions etc. by the closing date for submission of registered online  application form.

(b)  In-complete online  application form.

(c) Non-submission of hard copy of online  application form  at the time of verification of original  documents.

(d)  Not  passing Odia  test   {M.E.  standard)/not   furnishing  Odia  test pass evidence as required under  Para-8 (ii)  of the Advertisement.

(e)  Not  coming   within   the  age  limit   of  candidate as  mentioned in Para-3   of   the   advertisement  (Overage  relaxation  shall   not   be allowed  to   P.W.D.  candidates  with   less  than   400/0    permanent disability).

(f) Not having  requisite qualification  as provided under  Para-4 of the advertisement.

(9)  Not furnishing copies of certificates/documents  as provided under

Para - 10 of the Advertisement.

(h)  Non-payment  of   examination   fee,   (wherever   applicable),   as provided under  Para - 5 of the Advertisement.

(i) Submission   of    wrong     information/    false    information    about qualification/   Age/  Category status  (SEBC/SC/ST/PWD/Ex­ Servicemen/Sports Person/Women etc.),

(j) Suppression of facts  /  information about  eligibility,  if any. (k)  Any other  ground  as per the decision of the Commission.

NB: Application  /candidature   of  a  candidate shall   be  rejected  at  any  stage  of recruitment process, whenever discrepancy is noticed/ detected.


(a) Candidates   must  go  through   the  details  of  this  Advertisement   available  in  the

(b) Candidates   must   apply   online   through   the   concerned   Website   of  the   OPSC http://opsc.qov.in.   Applications  received through  any other  mode  would  not be accepted and summarily  rejected.

(c) Before   filling   up  the  online   application  form,   the  candidates must  go through detailed instructions available at OPSCportal. 

(d)  The  online  application   form   is  automated   and  system  driven   &  will  guide  the candidate   seamlessly  in  filling   the   application.   The   requisite   options   shall  be enabled  and  information   shall  be asked as per  data  furnished   by  the  candidate. Beforelllli!J.g_JJQ the  information,   ensure that  accurate  information   is fed,  for  edit option   is  limited   &  on  confirmation   there  is  no  scope  for  further   edit,  even if wrongful  entlY has been made while filling  up online application.

(c) Candidates  are  requested  to  upload  the  scanned  image  of  latest  passport  size photograph  along with  scanned image of his/her  full signature  and scanned image of  Left-hand   Thumb  Impression   (LTI)   in  the  online  application   form.   Uploaded photograph,  Specimen (full)  signature  and LTI must  be clearly  identifiable  / viSible, otherwise the   application   of  the   candidate   is  liable   to   be   rejected   by  the Commission and no representation  from  the candidate will be entertained.

(f)  Candidates  should  keep  at  least  two  copies  of  latest  passport  size  photograph which is uploaded to the online application  form for future  use.

(g)  On successful submission of the online Registration, a unique "Permanent Public ServiceAccount Number (PPSAN)/w/ ill be assigned to the applicant Candidatespre required to take a printout of the finallv submitted online Registration/Re­ reqistration and finallv submitted OnlineApplication forms and put his/her siqnature pncir.'?rthe  declaration for  submission to  OPSCalonq  with  copies of  requisite certificate & documentsas and when asked

(11)   The candidates  are advised  to submit  the  Online Application  Form well  in advance lv'ithout wa;tiilg  for the closing date to avoid the last hour rush.

(f)  Certificate  of Admission to the written  examination  to the eligible  candidates will be uploaded  in  the  Website  of  the  OPSC prior  to  the  date  of  written   examination, which  will  be published  in  the  Website  of  the  Commission  and  widely  circulated Newspapers   The candidates  are required  to  download  their  Admission  Certificate from  the  Website  of  the  Commission  and  produce  the  same  at  the  Examination centre  for  admission  to the  written   examination.   No separate  correspondence  will be made on this score.

(j)  "Intimation     letters"   to   candidates   for   document   verification    &   interview   and "Attestation  form"  & "Bio-data  form"  shall be uploaded in the website  of OPSC prior to the date of Document Verification/Interview.

(k)   Any complaint  on the conduct of examination  must  be sent to the Grievance Wing of the Commission bye-Mail   (opsc@nic.in)  within  03 (Three)  days of completion  of the examination.


To resolve any  Technical problem  faced in  /i/ling  up  of  online  Registration/ Re­ registration  and  Application  torms, candidate may  contact  OPSC Technical Support  over Telephone  No. 0671-2304707    between 10.30 A.M. to 1.30 PM. & 2.00 PM. to 5.00 PM. 017 any Odisha Government working days.

In  case of any guidance/information on this advertisement &  recruitment  candidates may go through the FAQ  available in the website of the Commissionor contact the o.ps.e Facilitation Counter over TelephoneNo. 0671-2304141/230561.1& Extn.- 227017any working day between  10.30 A.M. to 1.30 PM. & 2.00 PM. to 5.00 PM.

The candidates are required to visit the website of the Commissionat http.//opsc.qov.in for detailed information about important notices, rejection of applications, the date &  time of written  exemmetton, document verification &  interview and also keep track of publication of variousnotices to the effect in the leading local daily newspapersfor information.


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