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Applications are invited for appointment as Insurance Ombudsman, for one Insurance Ombudsman  position  each  at  Ahmedabad,  Bhubaneshwar,  Delhi,  Kolkata,  Lucknow, Noida, Patna and Pune from persons who fulfill the following eligibility criteria as on the last date specified for receipt of applications:

Age: Not less than fifty-five years but not exceeding sixty-five years


a) The applicant should be or have been a member of an all-India service or a Civil Service of the Union and should have held a post of Joint Secretary or equivalent to Government of India.

Explanation: Length of service will be reckoned from the date of first appointment as Joint Secretary to the Government of India or equivalent thereof in the Central Government


b) The applicant should have served for at least 25 (twenty-five) years in the insurance industry and should have held a post not less than one level below that of a director of a board.

Explanation : Length of service will be reckoned from the date of first appointment to a position either immediately below the level of a director of a board in the insurance industry or at the level of a director of a board, whichever is earlier.


Fixed pay of  reduced by the amount of   any pension drawn from the Central Government or a State Government.

Term: Three years, or till attainment of the age of sixty-eight years, whichever is earlier

The procedure and selection criteria for and the terms and conditions of appointment as, and    the duties and functions of, Insurance Ombudsman will be as per the Insurance Ombudsman Rules, 2017 (https://www.cioins.co.in/OmbudsmanRules2017), as amended from time to time.

Last date for receipt of online application is: 26/02/2022 

The Insurance Ombudsman selected shall be appointed at any one of the above mentioned


The other terms of appointment will be as follows:

1.   Pay  & Allowances

a)  In  addition to a fixed  basic pay of Rs.2,25,000/- per month excluding the amount of any pension drawn from the Central Government or State Government, Dearness Allowance shall be paid at the rates admissible to Group

`A’ Officers drawing equivalent pay in the Central Government.

b)  A Fixed Allowance of  in lieu of facility of house and car shall be paid.

2.   Leave Travel Concession (LTC)   - Shall  be entitled to Leave Travel Concession once during the tenure.  The admissibility of LTC will be as is in the case of an Executive Director of LIC of India.

3.   Facilities for Medical Treatment -  In the event that medical treatment and hospital facilities as provided in the Central Government Health Service (CGHS) Scheme for retired government servants   or Mediclaim facilities as provided to retired Whole Time Directors of Public Sector Insurance Companies are not available by virtue of past employment,   Ombudsman shall be entitled to reimbursement of premium for Mediclaim insurance upto Rs.20,000/- per annum during the period of term as Ombudsman.

4.   Leave - The Ombudsman shall be entitled for 10 days of Casual Leave, 30 days Earned Leave and 20 days of Sick Leave on Half Pay or 10 days at full Pay every year.  Balance of Casual Leave to the credit at end of the year shall lapse.  You will be entitled to encashment of 50% of Earned Leave to your credit once in a year subject to maximum of 45 days during the entire tenure of 3 years. Balance of Earned Leave and Sick Leave will lapse at the end of tenure.

5.   Travelling Allowance

While on tour, Daily Allowance of Rs.1800/- per day will be paid to Ombudsman. The methodology of computation will be as in vogue for an Executive Director of LIC of India. Rules relating to mode of travel, lodging charges, incidentals, etc. for tour/travel will be applicable as in vogue for an Executive Director in LIC of India.

Ombudsman shall not be entitled to an allowance, or reimbursement of expenses of whatsoever nature that may be incurred for taking up this appointment.  However, on completion of term otherwise than by way of termination on account of resignation, dismissal or removal, he shall be entitled to claim reimbursement of expenses for travel of self and family and for transportation of personal effects as admissible to an Executive Director of LIC of India. 

Allowances and perquisites payable to the Ombudsman shall be such as may be determined by the Council for Insurance Ombudsman with prior approval of the Central Government.

The candidates are requested to submit the Application form only through online mode available on our website www.cioins.co.in on or before the last date i.e.26/02/2022 for receipt of application.

Any queries in this regard may be addressed to query-recruitment@cioins.co.in

Dy.Secretary General (CIO)

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